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【Hello Kitty】13.5-18.8cm Denim Series – Comfortable, Shock-Absorbing, Anti-Slip Base Kids’ Slipper Shoes
Stylish anti-slip outsoleMade in Taiwanese shoe factoryHello kitty silver accessory double strapHello kitty denim seriesBase insole and shock-absorbing outsoleComfortable and shock-absorbing EVA outsoleMeets national requirements for plasticizer testing 
Hello Kitty denim shoes for baby girls. Lined with natural and breathable materials that are flexible and lightweight. We offer a wide range of shoes for children of all ages. Contact us to learn more about our products.Denim series simple personality comfortable breathable decompression leisure children shoes
Hello Kitty strawberry baby shoes with securing straps, padded insoles, and skid-resistant outsoles. We offer a wide range of shoes for children of all ages. Contact us to learn more about our products.Strawberry series of lightweight breathable anti-bacterial deodorant anti-skid Baby shoes

About Us


The company was established in 1995, specializing in the development of senior children's shoes and sales.

As a result of the continuous development of new products, quality adherence, and complete after-sales service, in 1995 by the Japanese SANRIO affirmation, so successfully made the company's main brand HELLO KITTY children's shoes in Taiwan's manufacturing and sales of brand licensing.

In 1996, the Italian Roberta di Camerino on the company's management and product development to affirm, in the same industry competition, but also the smooth acquisition of children's shoes brand authorization.

Since 1995, Sang-Chyuan began in the department store set up counters. At the present stage (2016), there are Taipei large island house, Taipei Xinyi A8, Taoyuan command, Taoyuan Far East, Taichung Shin Kong, Canton three SOGO, Zhongyou, Chiayi Shin Kong, Kaohsiung Shin Kong,
Han God Dome, left camp Xinguang, Yi Da Shopping Plaza, a total of 17 counters.

We are committed to providing consumers with the principles of quality products and services to meet the different needs of customers,Sang-Chyuan company continued to focus on product development and design, to expand the type and depth of goods, to provide more innovative, more innovative products.

Maintain a leading edge in a competitive environment that changes at any time. And maintain the quality of commodity MIT adhere to, and actively develop export channels, in response to the challenges of world competition, improve the company's international competitiveness, efficiency and innovation


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